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IUCRC Breakthroughs

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Title Center Description Date
Extremum Seeking Control for Maximizing of Wind Turbine Power Output Wind Energy, Science, Technology and Research

Wind power is a primary renewable energy source.

3D Printing of Smart Structures with Embedded Optical Fiber Sensors Smart Vehicle Concepts

An optical fiber, which consists of a thin glass fiber coated with a plastic layer, allows... more

Dredge Targets Juvenile Clams: Leads to More Sustainable Fisheries Science Center for Marine Fisheries Science

A fundamental challenge in marine benthic ecology and fishery assessment is to... more

A Trust Prediction Model for the Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Software Engineering Research Center

The IoT paradigm promises to be a disruptive technology that will revolutionize our day-to-... more

Scalable Modeling for Rigorous Software Specification and Testing Security and Software Engineering Research Center

Modern software development processes for safetyand mission-critical systems rely on... more

Protecting Against State-of-the-Art Cyber Attacks through Opaque Control-Flow Integrity Net-Centric & Cloud Software & Systems

Opaque Control-Flow Integrity (O-CFI) is the first software security defense that merges... more

Symmetric Magnet Pack for High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering Laser and Plasma for Advanced Manufacturing

Demand for high quality, high performance coatings has increased dramatically over the last... more

Power Module Layout Synthesis (PowerSynth) GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems

This power module layout synthesis tool takes a circuit description and produces a physical... more

More Efficient Data Centers: Maximizing Airside Cooling Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems

Around the world, unprecedented and exceedingly large volumes digital data are stored in... more

Putting Data Centers on a Diet: Dynamic, Load-Dependent Rightsizing of Server Capacity Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems

The past decade has witnessed unprecedented growth in the number, size and capacity of data... more